The Legend Of Fairies

The Legend Of Fairies

(1) Fairies right this moment are the stuff of children's tales, little magical individuals with wings, typically shining with light. Typically fairly and female, like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, they normally use their magic to do small things and are mostly friendly to humans.

(2) We owe lots of our fashionable ideas about fairies to Shakespeare and stories from the 18th and nineteenth centuries. Although we will see the origins of fairies as far back because the Ancient Greeks, we can see comparable creatures in many cultures. The earliest fairy-like creatures could be found in the Greek idea that bushes and rivers had spirits called dryads and nymphs. Some people think these creatures were initially the gods of earlier, pagan religions that worshipped nature. They have been changed by the Greek and Roman gods, and then later by the Christian God, and became smaller, less powerful figures as they lost importance.

(three) Another explanation suggests the origin of fairies is a memory of real individuals, not spirits. So, for instance, when tribes with metal weapons invaded land where people only used stone weapons, a few of the individuals escaped and hid in forests and caves. Further support for this idea is that fairies had been considered afraid of iron and could not touch it. Living outside of society, the hiding people probably stole meals and attacked villages. This might clarify why fairies were often described as playing tricks on humans. Hundreds of years ago, folks truly believed that fairies stole new infants and changed them with a 'changeling' – a fairy baby – or that they took new mothers and made them feed fairy babies with their milk.

(four) While most individuals now not imagine in fairies, only a hundred years ago some folks were very willing to think they could exist. In 1917, 16-year-old Elsie Wright took two images of her cousin, 9-year-old Frances Griffiths, sitting with fairies. Some pictures specialists thought they have been fake, while others weren't sure. But Arthur Conan Doyle, the writer of the Sherlock Holmes detective tales, believed they had been real. He published the unique photos, and three more the girls took for him, in a magazine called The Strand, in 1920. The girls only admitted the pictures were fake years later in 1983, created using footage of dancers that Elsie copied from a book.

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